How to Easily Personalize a Generic Apartment with Canvas Art

January 26, 2021 4 min read

Home, as they say, is where the heart is. But if you live in a bland, generic apartment, you may feel as if you could be living anywhere. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, or one of the  100 million Americans who rents - in which case you may be restricted by a tenancy clause - canvas art is a great way to personalize your space with minimal fuss. 

Use your canvas art to create “zones”

Many modern apartments can make it hard to distinguish one living space from another. But if you’re clever you can use your canvas wall art to “zone” your living space. 

First, identify the function of each living space so that you can determine how you create cohesion within that area. Obviously, it’s easy to do this if you have lots of little rooms (a kitchen is where you cook, a study is where you do your work, etc.) but much harder if you’re working with an open concept apartment. 

Next, adopt a simple color scheme or theme for each of your zones. Choose canvas wall art to tie in with the color palette or theme to create visual boundaries between different living spaces.  

You can choose to either repeat these themes and color schemes throughout your apartment or choose completely separate identities for each living space. Either way, your wall art can serve an important purpose in anchoring the identity of each area. 

Choose art that reflects who you are

One of the simplest ways to personalize your home is to let your wall art say something about you. Choose pieces that reflect your hobbies and passions, your warmest memories and your dearest friends and family members. 

If you’re a beach person, opt for dreamy seascapes. Perhaps you’re into florals, botanicals, or animals. If you love the feel of your friends and family around you then opt for a gallery wall of special memories with those you hold dearest. 

You can make your apartment undeniably yours just by adding artworks that reflect the real you. 

Bring your apartment to life with memories

What better way to personalize your apartment than to fill it with some of your fondest memories. Whether it’s a snap from your 21st birthday bash, an unforgettable family gathering, or the time you reached the stunning site of Machu Picchu, have your photos printed on large canvases to surround yourself by the special occasions in your life. 

Use your wall art as the basis of your color scheme

It can be tough to create a color scheme in a generic apartment, especially if you rent and your landlord expects you to keep the walls neutral. But with wall art, you can get around this issue by bringing color, texture, shapes and contours to your home. 

Use your neutral walls as your back-drop, and decide on a two-color scheme for each living space. Tie in your wall art with rugs, cushions, curtains, throws and artifacts, strategically placing color “pops” to encourage the eye to move around the room.  

Create a wall art shelf

Wall shelves are a great option for experimenting with your artwork. Rather than banging holes in your walls - which might be prohibited by your landlord - use your wall shelf to play around with your canvases, experimenting with different combinations of pieces, color schemes, sizes and shapes.

Modern floating shelves are a sleek way of showcasing your artwork, or consider ladder shelves as a rustic alternative. Lean your artwork against the wall, layering up your canvas boards along the length of the shelf, perhaps interspersing with your favorite artifacts. 

The beauty of this technique is that you’re not fixed to one configuration but instead have the option to change your mind, build your collection and rotate your displays. 

Experiment with a gallery wall

Granted, a gallery wall can be a daunting prospect, but by curating your own unique display wall, you’ll instantly bring a personal touch to a dull apartment. And you don’t have to go in at the deep end. Start simply and develop your displays as you gain confidence.

Begin with a simple grid of, say, four square canvases and grow from there. For more creative display configurations, intersperse your canvas art with posters, prints and postcards you’ve collected. Try a mix of block prints with interesting patterns, family photos, and typography images. Use a variety of sizes and shapes to bring interest to your wall, and look for unique ways to frame your pieces.

Gallery walls work particularly well for staircases, where the gradient can be complemented with eye-catching wall displays. Hallways and living rooms are also obvious places to install your gallery wall. 

If you’re worried about making too many holes in your apartment walls, consider using color pops of Washi tape, specialist hooks or Velcro to stick your artwork to the wall. 

Include the names of your nearest and dearest

Finally, consider literally personalizing your wall art by showcasing the names of your favorite people. 

With very little cost - both to your time and wallet -CozyFrames lets you personalize your canvas wall art with the names of the most important people in your life. You can choose from a range of artwork by searching through themes including Beach, Forest, Lake and Dock. Next, enter up to 15 names to appear on your canvas and bring your most important people into your home. 

In summary

There’s no doubt about it, turning a generic apartment into a home can be a real challenge. But whether you’re restricted by a rental contract, or you have free reign over your decor, there are simple ways to transform your space using canvas wall art. 

By carefully selecting pieces according to a color scheme or by bringing to life some of your favorite memories, wall art can bring a touch of magic to your space. And with CozyFrames, you can even place the names of your nearest and dearest onto your wall art for an even more personalized feel. 

Cozy Frames
Cozy Frames

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