The Best Personalized Christmas Gifts for Families

December 10, 2020 4 min read

Christmas is a time to show how much you care. Yet, buying the perfect gift for a family can be tricky – especially if members of the family have different interests and hobbies. 

Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite personalized Christmas gifts for families – because there’s nothing better than a customized present to put a smile on someone’s face. There’s something on this list for everyone you love, from toddlers and teens through to parents and grandparents.

Wall Art

Beautiful wall art makes for a Christmas gift that can be loved and appreciated all year long. Even better? When that wall art is personalized to the recipient’s family. With Cozy Frames, you can add up to 15 names to our customized canvas art, meaning there’s room for the whole family – even the pets!

Add a ray of sunshine to their life with our beautiful Forest Premium Canvas, or bring the beach to their house all year round with art from our Beach Collection. Remind them of their summer vacation at the lake or add a touch of class with one of our black-and-white designs. No matter their interests or style, we’ve got a canvas for them.

Tree Decorations

Make Christmas even more magical with a personalized, one-of-a-kind Christmas tree ornament. A family photo in a snowflake frame or a painted bauble will be treasured no matter what, but this present works especially well when there’s a new addition to the family. 

Alternatively, if you think there might be more new additions in the future, you can gift a decoration for each family member. Just be prepared to make or buy a new one when the time comes!


Make bedtime even more wonderful with a personalized storybook. This option is particularly good for families with young children, especially if it’s Christmas-themed. However, older and grown-up kids will also be delighted by a tale about their own family. 

Board Game 

Board games are a holiday staple – and for good reason. They can provide hours of (screen-free!) fun, entertain children and adults alike, and get even Barbie-loving and skateboarding siblings to play together. Gift a board game, and you’ll gift laughter and good memories. 

But why not make it extra special by purchasing (or DIY-ing) a personalized one? Whether you turn an old favorite into a one-of-a-kind gift or you opt for something they’ve never played before, it’s sure to become a highlight of their holiday. 

Snow Globe

Dreaming of a white Christmas? We all adore snow, whether it’s the real deal, comes out of a can, or sits inside a snow globe. A personalized snow globe is a great gift that’ll make children’s eyes light up and the adults smile.

Keep it simple with a photo in a snow globe, or go all out and use polymer clay figurines of the family. This is another one of those gifts that you can either purchase or DIY, meaning the only limit is your imagination.

Photo Album 

Remind them of all the precious memories they’ve made as a family with a photo album, complete with annotations. You can get crafty and glue in mementos or order it online if you’re looking for something more polished. This present can be especially touching if a child is about to move away or go to college. 

Throw or Blanket

Throws are perfect for snuggling under on movie nights – not to mention being turned into magic carpets or capes by playful kids. A personalized throw will warm recipients’ hearts as well. You can embroider names on it, order a photo blanket, or go all out with a homemade, personalized patchwork quilt.

Mugs or Glasses 

A set of matching, personalized mugs is an adorable gift, and it’s even better if you add some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows to the box. Keep it minimalistic and stylish with their initials, or go cute and quirky with illustrations of each family member.

Alternatively, for something that feels extra special, opt for engraved wine glasses for the adults and pretty juice glasses for the kids. They’ll be able to toast each other over Christmas dinner and ring in the New Year with this beautiful gift.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Make up a basket full of their favorite treats and sweet things. To add the finishing touch, spell out the family name with a collage made of chocolate wrappers. If the family you’re shopping for doesn’t like sweets, you can also make a savory version of this highly customizable gift.

Photo-Printed Wrapping Paper 

Looking for an eco-friendly way to wrap up the presents? Or an original alternative that will look as good as the present inside? Print your own paper wrapping paper featuring photos of the family themselves, or order it online. This delightful packaging will almost leave them wishing they didn’t have to open the present.

Christmas-Themed Canvas

Gift some cuteChristmas-themed, personalized wall art for a present that will bring excitement every year. The children will love this reminder that Santa is coming to their house on Christmas Eve. Since you can add up to 15 names, it doesn’t matter how many cousins and grandparents come to visit – there’s room for them all!

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