Upgrade Your Entryway with Family-Friendly Wall Art Finishes

February 23, 2021 4 min read

When you set about sprucing up your home interiors, it’s easy to forget about those in between spaces. Case in point: your entryway.

Don’t forget, your entryway is probably the most well-used area of your house. It’s the first thing you see when you return home after a busy day, and it’s your last taste of home as you leave for work in the morning. By giving it some attention and identity, you can start elevating it from just another doorway to a space that reflects who you are as a family. 

We’ve brought together some of our top wall art finishes that’ll upgrade your entryway, making it the welcoming gateway to your home. 

Theme your entryway

Picking a theme for your entrance hall will help you keep a consistent palette, tone and feel, elevating your space to the next level. 

If you choose a modern look, keep your wall art minimal but impactful; for a more retro look, try something with antique finishes. Whether you go for a beachy, urban, or festival theme, use it to choose your colors, textures and choice of art work or images. 

Incorporate positive affirmations

Your entryway is the perfect place to remind yourself of life’s positives. Make it a space to hang positive affirmations to glance at as you leave the house, but also with which to greet your guests as they come in. 

Source artwork that incorporates special quotes or sayings, or look for specialist wall stickers to apply directly to your wall. For a truly personalized hallway, choose affirmations that mean something to your family. 

Image source:Den Of Foxes

Build a gallery wall

If your entryway is a blank canvas, then a gallery wall is a sure-fire way to inject some personality. Because your entrance is an area you pass through rather than spend a great deal of time, you have more freedom to use bold prints than you would in any other room in your house. 

Gallery walls also let you throw out the rule book and play with different frames, sizes, shapes, colors and textures. In fact, the more you lean into the mismatch approach, the more eclectic and impactful your gallery wall. 

Image:House and Garden

Try a foam board

Foam boards are an easy, versatile and inexpensive material, perfect for mounting your family pictures in your hallway. Some foam boards come with a self-adhesive coating on which you can stick your pictures, or you can use an all-purpose glue. One of the advantages of foam boards is that you can swap photos in and out as your family grows. 

Source:Bits of Everything     

Build a memory wall

Memory walls are a great way of bringing together all your favorite pictures - and no better place to hang them than your hallway. What’s more: you can start small and build on your arrangement as you create new memories. 

Create symmetry and impact by printing your pictures in large squares mounted in identical frames. 

Source:Tara Whitney

Create panel art

Panel art - hanging a series of blocks that make up a whole image - can be a great way of adding immediate impact to a bland space, such as the oft forgotten entryway. 

You can even try making your own, painting a tree or flower across a series of three wooden panels, or incorporating natural materials and framing them in a series of panels. 

Source: Lushome

Hang canvas prints

Big, bold canvas prints can instantly transform your entryway whilst bringing a personal touch to your wall. Bring your entrance walls to life by blowing up both favorite family moments and posed portraits onto large canvases. Opt for a mixture of color prints with black and white for added interest. 


You could even go big and hang one ofCozyframe’s canvas prints personalized with your family names. Not only can you choose your own theme from options like beach, relationships, forest, and ocean, but you can choose up to 15 names to include on your print - space for all your nearest and dearest. 

Hang square photo prints

Bring together some of your favorite pictures - perhaps even from Instagram - and print them out in square dimensions to hang in a grid on your entryway wall. Relive all of your best memories with a quick glance at your Instagram feed brought to life.  

Source: Loombrand

Hang mismatched vintage frames

If you’re into the vintage look, try hanging your artwork in a mixture of frames. Collect vintage frames from flea markets or vintage shops, and consider spray painting them the same color or going with a mixture of classic gilt and black. 

Alternatively, use a wide variety of shapes (circular, square and rectangle), sizes, textures and finishes to embrace a truly eclectic look and feel. 

Source: Loombrand

Hang matching frames

Alternatively, if you’re going for a more sleek look for your entryway, hang your artwork in  matching frames. Use strong borders in either black or white for a slick modern look, or wooden frames for a more rustic appeal. 

Source:Studio McGee

Macrame photo display

If you’re into the more natural vibe, try incorporating your family photos into a macrame wall-hanging. Use a wooden dowel from which to tie cream ropes, securing your photos with glue. Bringing in natural elements, like macrame and wood, into your entryway instantly makes your home feel cozy and welcoming. 

Source:Urk Art

Work with contrast

Contrast can help create impact in your hallway. Experiment with pairing colorful prints with black or white frames; or black and white images with colorful frames. Alternatively, choose a primary color to make your wall art “pop.”  Either way, the contrast will draw attention to your favorite memories. 

Play with horizontal displays

Arranging your family photos in a horizontal pattern will draw the eye from your entrance through towards the interior of your house. A horizontal display will also help maximize your wall space. This is perfect for long hallways that can feel overwhelming to decorate. 

Source:Family Photo Wall Display 

In summary

When you overlook your entryway, you miss an opportunity to personalize your space with your family identity. Whether you opt to print out some of your favorite family photos, or hang inspirational quotes that mean something to you, your hallway can be a perfect space to get creative. 

Cozy Frames
Cozy Frames

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